ERCN Publications


  1. Success Story of Project Edge
  2. Overview of Anti-Corruption
  3. Code of Conduct bureau Tribunal Act
  4. EFCC (Establishment Act 2004)
  5. Money Laundering Prohibition Act
  6. Corrupt Practices And Other Related Offences Act 2007
  7. Public Procurement Act 2007
  8. Anti Corruption Reform Initiatives
  9. Code of Ethics in Govt. Business
  10. Anti-Corruption Dimensions of Public Service Reforms
  11. Managing Corruption
  12. Anti-Corruption Management
  13. Ethics, Good Governance and Anti-Corruption: ICPC Perspective.
  14. Domestication of Anti-Corruption in States and Local Government
  15. Anti-Corruption: Lesson of Experience
  16. Understanding International Conventions and Protocols Against Corruption
  17. NEITI Perspective on Good Governance and Anti-Corruption
  18. Public Procurement Reforms
  19. Critical Errors of Omission and Commission
  20. Prevention of Ghost Workers Fraud
  21. Due Diligence in Insurance Transactions
  22. High Impact Case Studies
  23. Due Diligence in Management Local Govt/State Joint Accounts
  24. Due Diligence in Choosing Banks and Other Financial Institution
  25. Due Diligence in Contract Costing
  26. Due Diligence in Capital Market Transaction
  27. Anti-Corruption Reforms in Banks and Other Financial Institution
  28. Prevention of Insider Dealings
  29. Prevention of Money Laundering
  30. Prevention of Cheque Fraud
  31. Prevention of Insurance Fraud
  32. Prevention of Money Transfer Fraud
  33. Prevention of Loan Fraud
  34. Prevention of Cheque Kiting Fraud
  35. Prevention of Advance Fee Fraud
  36. Prevention of Account Opening Fraud
  37. Prevention of Letter of Credit Fraud
  38. Prevention of Counterfeit Securities
  39. Exam Ethics Code for supervisors, Invigilator, and Examiners
  40. Exam Ethics Code for Principals and Vice Principals
  41. Legal and Contractual Framework in Electricity Business in Nigeria
  42. Funding Options For Housing Delivery In Nigeria
  43. Supervision of Government Contracts For Full Performance of Contract Obligation
  44. Management of Variations, Modification, Claims, Disputes and Arbitrations in Government Contracts
  45. Providing Water Supply Infrastructure For National Transformation
  46. Guidelines on Government Contracts, Including Analysis of the Guidelines Issued By The Federal Ministry of Justice on Government Contract
  47. Providing Housing Infrastructure For National Transformation
  48. Providing Railway Infrastructure for National Transformation
  49. Human Capital and Ethical Issues in Administration of Contracts, Admission, Training, Examination, Certification, Registration and Regulation of Construction Professionals
  50. Public Procurement Act 2007 and Administration of Government Contracts
  51. Costing, Performance and payment for Government Contracts.