About ERCN

Ethics Resource Centre Nigeria (ERCN) is registered under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as a Non-Governmental and not for profit organizations to research, develope and deliver programs, projects, curricular, course materials and support services on good governance and anti-corruption management information initiatives. The centre partners with agencies and institutions with similar objectives to build capacity on best practices, good governance and anti-corruption management information systems for employees of public and private sector organizations including Governments, Corporations, Institutions, Professional and Trade Organizations.



Ethics Resource Centre Nigeria was established in 2004



The vision of Ethics Resource Centre is to facilitate a workforce with knowledge and character to shun corruption.



To provide public and private sector organizations and their employees with comprehensive body of knowledge to decode and understand the complex information matrix occasioned by multiplicity of multinational and national anti-corruption conventions, treaties, protocols, laws, regulations, agencies and initiatives.



ERCN programmes are implemented with the technical support and collaboration of national and multi-national anti-corruption agencies and supervisory institutions from where key resource persons are drawn.



The centre has researched, developed and published over 50 anti-corruption reference guidebooks. Over 200,000 copies of the books have been distributed. More than 100,000 executives from over 300 institutions and organizations have participated in ERCN good governance and anti-corruption management information programmes.